Yellowwood Forest

For a true tranquil forest experience, embrace the beauty of nature at it’s best, as you meander amongst the trees and along the forest paths of the eco-friendly Yellowwood Forest, where you can introduce yourself to the 300 year old Grand Old Yellowwood tree, from whence you can follow the Bushbuck Trail or climb inside the ancient and magical “Wishing” Tree. in this enchanted forest, where legend has it that Fairies dance on moonbeams at night and blow pixie-dust onto the stars. Proceed with caution so that you don’t step on a sleeping Fairy. Children and adults alike, can enjoy a swim in the natural swimming-hole of the river, or shower beneath the cool, cascading waterfalls or ‘bomb-drop’ from the high rocks that surround it. Also nestled amongst the trees is a fun playground, complete with tree house, slides, trampoline, swings and much more, to keep your children safely entertained whilst you relax and take advantage of the mystical ambience of Mother Nature’s hospitality. Each Saturday morning, a small ‘Forest Fare’ is held where home-baked goods and an assortment of bric-a-brac is on sale, A full Craft Market is also held on the first Saturday of every month. For more information, call 084 852 2601