Wild Coast Sardine Run

Come and experience the mesmerising Marine phenomena of the Sardine Run from our Seaspray Restaurant deck or even from the comfort of your room balcony at the Mitford Hotel. This spectacular run occurs annually between May and July, along the East Coast of South Africa and heads along the Wild Coast, en-route to KwaZulu Natal.

Dependant on interrelation of currents and weather, the exact times of the Sardine Run is difficult to predict, but it does pass along the Wild Coast sometime between June and July. The waters off the Wild Coast during this time teems with sea-life, making for perfect fishing opportunities.

The frequency thud of the shoals hitting the water, alerts even more predators to the area, as Sharks appear from nowhere and Cape Gannets dive in like Kamakazi pilots whenever the shoals push closer to the surface. Dolphins circling the shoals, can be observed blowing bubbles as they concentrate on their ‘lunch’.