The Cape Morgan Lighthouse and Nature Reserve

Indulge in a bit of the history of the area and take yourself on a short 3km walk (or drive) along the coastline from Kei Mouth and get up close and personal with this piece of architecture from yesteryear. Built in 1964 and one of only 4 lighthouses dotted along the Wild Coast, this fully automated lighthouse boasts a 12m high lattice tower which proudly houses the Stone Chance  lantern, which emits 2 white flashes every 10 seconds and is visible for 24 sea miles and symbolizes a beacon of hope, as it lights up the dark night sky in a gesture of warning against the dangers that lurk along this magnificent and yet sometimes treacherous Wild Coast. This beautiful coastal Forest Reserve also houses the  ruins of the old Titanium mine started in 1958, and in which one of the old mine buildings until recently, boasted of  having the tallest indoor termite mound in the world.  It also plays host to a recently built Eco-Centre , which can accommodate large school groups. It also proudly plays host to the Cape Morgan Lighthouse and is accessible via the Kei Mouth Golf Course road.