Hiking Trails

Double Mouth Trail

Approximately 250m behind the head of the last cliff which stands in close proximity to the Mitford Hotel, is the path along the rocky shoreline which will take you all the way to the Double Mouth Nature Reserve. Although this hike is only about  4kms long, it can be a bit arduous, so you should be reasonably fit to attempt it. The more daring and fitter hiker may also want to head a little further South along the coastline and continue the trail past Bead Beach and trudge merrily on to Marshstrand and Haga Haga. This hike to Haga Haga is quite some distance and can prove to be quite taxing, so you may want to consider driving to Double Mouth and walking to Haga Haga from there.

The Bushbuck Trail

This trail is a relaxing 700m family hike through the Yellowwood Forest. Head down towards the campsite and then onwards to the giant Fig tree at the upper end of the lagoon, Follow the path inland through the forest and past the swamp and then circle back to where you first began.

The Strandloper Trail

This popular 5-day trail begins in the Cape Morgan Nature Reserve in Kei Mouth and passes through Morgan Bay, Haga Haga and the Jikeleza Route villages. It encompasses beautiful tidal pools, pristine estuaries, sun-kissed sand dunes and beautiful forests and has been specifically  designed to showcase the exquisitely special aspects of this spectacular coastline. The trail finally reaches it’s end at Gonubie. For more information, call 083 285 4773 or 084 034 0247