Ferry / Pond

The Kei Mouth Ferry/Pont

Started in 1990, The Pont has become a necessary feature of the Great Kei river,  affording quick and easy business and leisure access to and from the Centane District in rural Transkei and thereby alleviating the necessity of either a harrowing trip across the river in a rowing boat, or an arduous 154km round trip via Butterworth. The Pont operates 7 days a week,  365 days a year  and only closes when the river is in flood or the tide is too low.  Usually only 1 Pont operates at a time, but both are operational during holidays. Both Ponts can carry two vehicles at a time and the first crossing of the day is made at 7a.m. 


1 May – 31 August            07:00 – 17:301
September – 30 April    07:00 – 16:00

Motor Vehicle – R90
Motor Vehicle & Trailer – R180
Motor Bikes (Return) – R80
Motor Bikes (One Way) – R40
Horses (Return) – R80 
Horses & Cattle (One Way) – R40

NB. Prices subject to change