Bird Watching

Morgan Bay is a veritable smorgasbord of choice for the avid Birdwatching enthusiast, with confirmed sightings of 279 species of bird, with sightings all across the entire area. Whether you’re on the banks of the lagoon, at the beach, hanging out at the municipal dam, sitting on top of the cliffs or simply strolling through the Yellowwood Forest or Cape Morgan Nature Reserve, you will be able to observe a multitude of the varied species at any given time. From Crowned Cranes and Fish Eagles, to Black Headed Orioles and Reed Cormorants, to name but a few, Morgan Bay is without question, a Birdwatchers paradise. Request a list of names of all 279 species from the reception desk at the Mitford Hotel.chers and much more.

Lovers paradise! A magnificent beach, a beautiful nature reserve and activities for all ages.