Just one hour's drive away from East London, tucked away in it's own little corner of paradise and sandwiched between a majestic cliff and panoramic seaviews, and standing like a 'beacon of salvation' for the weary soul.  lies a place so magical that if Mermaids existed, this is where they'd go to rest.  

Welcome to the champagne of the Wild coast....The MITFORD HOTEL. 

As you enter Morgan Bay, take the 1st turn to the right, and travel down Cherrywood Road to where paradise lies in wait. 

On arrival, you are treated to the warmest of welcomes by our friendly staff, who offer upfront and personal attention to all our guests, making each guest feel as if they've returned home when they arrive and leave with a sense of 'belonging' when they depart.

Waking up to an uninterrupted view of the sea from our strategically situated rooms and falling asleep to the soothing 'melody' of the waves, guarantees a soul-rejuvenating stay for all our guests.. 

Whether relaxing in your room, or partaking of the delicious and much sought-after fare of our Restaurant, or even sitting on our 'Observation deck', you can watch the waves tickle and tease the rocks along the shore, as they seductively stroke their fingers of foam across the shore-line before playfully retreating back...and again surging forward in a tantalizing dance of carefree abandon. 

Our fully-stocked and homely bar is a meeting place for Tourists and locals alike and many new, warm and forever friendships have been formed amongst strangers, over a glass of their favourite tipple in the friendly and inviting ambience of our bar.